I Made It!


Well – it’s been about a week, and I’ve survived the move.

I did have a few hiccups and bumps in the road, but nothing I couldn’t recover from.  I left my brand new Samsung Galaxy tablet on the plane, I’ve gotten lost in the downtown area of the capitol (both walking and driving), and all the stairs in my cousin’s townhouse is killing my legs!

On the up-side, I was able to obtain a part time teaching job at a tech college in the district.  I’m still looking for a full time job with bene’s so I can keep up my medical care at the VA.  It is as busy as I imagined, but I think I’m going to like it here!

Not crazy about staying with family too much longer – you know that gets after a while – but since my cousin has been working close to 10 hour days, I’ve pretty much had the place to myself.  I don’t know if I want to live in the Virginia side of D.C., though.  It’s still pretty red (conservative), and at least Maryland and totally implemented the new Health Laws and is a very blue (liberal) state.  Plus they’ve passed marriage equality laws – and even though I’m not gay – I totally support gay rights and gay marriage.

I’m very excited about starting over in D.C., and I can’t wait to settle in in this area.  Hope to have some really positive and healthy relationships through this blog.

Later gaters!


One Step at a Time…


Well – the “For Sale” sign is finally up!

It kind of makes the situation a little more ‘real’, know what I mean?  Baby Steps Sonni, Baby Steps

I bought myself a little more time with this process, so I feel a little more comfortable with everything.  This also gives me more time to try to make some improvements – no matter how minor – to the house to make it more sell-able.  I already pulled up the carpet in the living room and the dining room, and the Realtor said it really made a difference (a good one!).  Now, I’m thinking about putting up new drywall in the back bedroom (it had to be torn down to install the new plumbing for the bathroom), and making some improvements to the kitchen and bathroom.

More good news: I finally obtained the address to my new residence, so I’ve been putting it on my resumes – hopefully I’ll get more hits in the area where I’ll actually be moving to!

The Realtor said that some of the homes in my area have been sold for less than they’re worth due to in increase in foreclosures and abandoned homes, but she’s pretty sure I can get the asking price.  As long as I can get a couple thousand out of the deal, I’ll be happy.

Any tips on how I can make some ‘seemingly’ major improvements without dipping too deep in the pockets?

Washington Region At Risk Of Losing 450K Jobs

So…this can’t be good

As you know, I’ve already signed the papers for putting the house on market.

I was sooooo excited about leaving this god-awful state and starting over in the D.C. area – then I come across this article!  WTF???

Ok, ok – according to this article – it’s mainly DOD and defense-supported/related jobs that might get the chop, but that’s still going to have a drastic affect on the economy, right?

Then I found out on Monday that one of good friends at work just got promoted to a Director position.  I mean, I’m happy for him – but I’m still confused as to where that leaves me within the department.

One the one hand, we’re hearing that we have to decrease our departmental budget by 10%, and on the other hand, we’re not only hiring people, but my buddy actually got a raise.  I mean, I’m happy I still have my job!  But now, I don’t know if I should even leave yet or not.

I still haven’t heard from my cousin…I’m going to contact her today

Papers are signed!

Carla (my Realtor) came by yesterday  right on time!  I forgot how cute and perky she was – even after all these years!  As I showed her around the house, it all started coming back to her.  She admitted that she remembers homes more than she remembers customers.  I told her I completely understand, as I have a hard time recognizing my students outside of the classroom all the time.

I tried to be as transparent as possible when showing her around the house, and explained that I was more interested in getting out from under the house than I am to try to make as much money as I can out of it.  In an effort to sell it faster, and hopefully get more buyers interested in this economy, I am including almost all of the furniture to be sold with the house.  I’m hoping this will be a nice incentive for a starter-family that could use some furniture before acquiring their own.  If not, I’ll still have time to sell some of it before we leave, anyway.  I can always use the extra travel money.

It looks like I’ll be able to get between $2000 – $4000 from the sale of the house – if all goes well.  That’s fine, because at least that will be enough to cover moving expenses and pay off my bank loan.

Timeline: Well, originally my timeline was around September, but then I remembered that I had to pay off my bank loan, and factor in more time to sell the house, so I told my cousin that the best possible arrival date for me should be around December.  She thought that might be optimal, since that would give her boys time to go back to school and the house won’t be so crowded with me and my things.  However, as I was talking to Carla about a possible sell date, I told her that I wanted it sold by no later than October 30th.  And then I thought, “Now why did I say that?”.  But after processing that date, I realized that was an optimal date for me physically.  If it’s too far in the winter, then it’s too cold and that would affect my MS.  I’ve always fared so much better in the fall and spring months than the gruesome summer and winter months.

Plus, that should give us time to get the sheet rock put up in the third bedroom closet!

Stage One: Planning to Plan

Well guys, it looks like I’ve got a few options here.  But, let’s start from the beginning…

I’m 46, divorced, and I currently live in Wichita, KS.  I’m not from Kansas – however – my family relocated here after my then-husband got out of the Army.  Anyhoo, I raised my kids here, but now they’re all out of the house (with the exception of my youngest who’s 20 and continues to run the streets.  I’ve had to kick him out several times so now he only comes home to shower, eat and do his laundry).  But for me, after my divorce in 2007, I’m ready to move on!

I have a cousin that’s moving from Atlanta, GA back to the D.C. area where her kids went to school, and as we were speaking to each other on the phone, we both realized that we had similar goals and aspirations – why not team together and make it happen?  She still has her connections and ties in the D.C. area, so I emailed her my long resume (I guess it should be a Curriculum Vitae by now), and cover letter, and told her to put her address on both once she finds a place.  ETA in DC is no later than September, 2012.  However – everything’s not that easy-breezy with me on this…

You see, all within a three month period, I filed for divorce, filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Trust me when I tell you…2007 was HELL!!  However, because of my stubbornness and perseverance, I was able to make it through the hellish years – but not without the help of my partner and companion, Charlie.  He truly became my lifesaver during those years.  So, here’s the deal:

Because this move is relatively sudden, I wanted to know if I could simply walk away from the home and not have the bank come after me for it.  So I contacted an attorney online via Lawyers.com, and got a response.  Basically, the reply stated that I could walk away from the house free and clear – however – I still need to keep the insurance on the house until the bank bought it back so I won’t get sued for damages due to someone getting hurt on my property, fire, etc.

Another option is to sell the house, which is something I didn’t know I could do if the house was included in the bankruptcy.  To be honest – I’d rather sell it than walk away from it.  I’d thought about renting it out, but at this point in my life, I just want to cut ties with Kansas altogether and begin Phase III of my life!  So, I contacted a Realtor – who just so happens to be the Realtor that sold us the house (think that’s some sort of sign?)!  She called me back within minutes!  So, she’s coming out this Saturday to look at the house.  Now – understand that due to a lot of circumstances throughout the years – and my limited ability to do a lot of physical things around the house – I haven’t had the opportunity to do a lot of repairs around the house.  It’s not in a horrible state, by any means (I came from a mom that bleached everything in the house), it’s just stuff like walls needing to be painted, bedroom doorknobs don’t work, and the carpet needs replaced.  I told her that it was going to have to be an ‘as-is’ kind of sale, because I won’t have the time or the money to do a lot of things before I leave.  Also, I plan on leaving a lot of the furniture and appliances with the house – so hopefully that can be a selling point for a starter-home family.

The other issue is the date (September 2012).  This is what’s been keeping me up at night.  You see, even though I’m ready to leave – I can’t afford to at the moment, the house not withstanding.  I have a $900 loan out at my bank, and I set it up to have it paid off by December.  If I leave in September, I’ll still need to pay that loan back.  The good news is that I have a great job working for the county, so it’s not going to be a chore going to work longer than planned until I relocate.  I also teach part time at a local university, so if I can get in a class or two before December, I’d have more than enough to pay back the loan and set up shop in D.C.  However, if my cousin is able to find me employment before I get there, then my options might become more limited.

As far as my MS, I’m trying to keep that under control before the move.  I know this stress can send me into a frightful downward spiral, so I’m trying desperately to take care of myself!  This heat isn’t helping, though.  Also – I’m a vet – and I’ve already been informed by the local VA that all of my services will transfer to where ever I choose to go.  The good news is that one of the VA’s MS Center of Excellence is right in the DC area, so I’ll be getting my care at one of the top facilities!  So, it’s not all dark clouds and rain.

I don’t know – I think I’m doing OK with my decisions.  Does anybody have any advice for me at this point?

In Transition…

This blog is a platform for anyone and everyone that’s in a transition in their life.  There are, however, some caveats to this transition that must be addressed:

This is for those that are on the cusps of trying something new – even out of the ordinary for themselves – albeit very exciting!  I’m about to venture out on a new road myself (new career, new city, new state, new outlook on life).  Yes – I am STARTING OVER, BABY!!  And it feels SO GOOD to get a fresh start from where I am now.  (I think I was actually going through a pretty brooding period of depression – of which I don’t know if I would’ve recovered).

Is there anyone else going through a transition or period of dramatic change?  If so, I would love to hear your stories about your process is going – or even if it is going!  If not – that’s ok – I understand the hesitation.  However, I’d like to offer you my support in whatever your endeavor may be.  I’d like foster a community of pure acceptance – so there’s no room for the following:

  • Haters
  • Judgmental people
  • Self-righteous bastards
  • Know-it-all’s
  • The ‘Supposed-To’ people (you’re supposed to do this or you’re supposed to do that)
  • Weirdos (I put this in there for safety)  🙂

Anyhoo…welcome to my blog!